Executive Condominium

Executive Condominium (EC) scheme was introduced by Housing Development Board (HDB) in 1995, targeting home buyers who can afford more than a HDB flat but find private property out of their reach. EC is a hybrid between private and public housings developed and sold by private developer. The buyers of new EC units are required to comply with HDB regulations. This section shows you the location of EC projects across the island as well as their sales and rental price.


Uncompleted First 5 Years Partially Privatised Privatised

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Source: URA, propertytrends.com.sg

Average Prices and Rents

Note: *Prices and rentals area based on data in the past 12 months.

Source: URA, propertytrends.com.sg

Price Gap Between EC and Nearby Private Residential Property Is Narrowing

Source: URA, propertytrends.com.sg

Source: URA, propertytrends.com.sg


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